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Building a better sales machine...
  - + Landing pages for opt-ins 
 - + Your opt-ins/lead 
 - + Sales pages for tripwires
 - + Long form copy for your core offers
 - + Email welcome and nudge sequences
 - + Thank you pages
 - + Facebook Ads
 - + Automated webinars
 - + Optimized blog content

and more...

 - + I'll write copy that'll grab attention…keeping your visitors glued to the page

 - + I'll keep your voice natural and totally unsalesy...making you look good - and avoiding that robot infomercial vibe

 - + Basically, I'll create copy that not only makes you look good, but makes your ideal biz bestie want to hang out with you…because they have to actually like you before they buy from you

 - + Gorgeous graphics for your digital marketing
 - + Customized, attention-grabbing ad graphics
 - + Beautiful, conversion-ready sales and landing pages that look like YOU
 - + Fully branded opt-ins and content upgrades for a powerful, cohesive presence 

 - + I'll design ads engineered to rock response
 - + Place all your pixels to peek in on your best prospects and track engagement
 - + Research and set-up your audiences
 - + Optimize your campaigns for automation - so they work while you sleep

Clients work with me anywhere from 4-16 weeks and price per funnel starts around $5k.

Pre-requisites: An existing business with the content for your offers available (it doesn’t have to be formatted, but it needs to be written/produced)

The strategy behind building your brand...
My digital marketing services center around creating a strategic plan of action for your online presence and setting specific, measurable metrics for performance.

This includes objectives like: Customer avatar identification, audience growth and engagement across all outlets (blog, social media, email list), campaign synchronicity, creation and testing of new content upgrades, etc.

I'll develop a solution specific to your goals and we'll work together to bring a cohesiveness to your online presence with your website, branding, copy, and social media.

Typically, clients work with me for 4, 8, or 12 weeks and prices start around $2k per month.

Pre-requisites: An existing business for at least six months. Some ad budget might be necessary depending on goals. The willingness for the client to meet regularly for ongoing performance assessment.

Streamlining your creative business - or starting a new one...
My business development services includes a strategic overhaul of your online business model and setting specific, measurable goals for our time together. 

This includes objectives like: Business automation, passive income product creation, new website design and implementation, customer value optimization, retention for recurring membership site, etc.

I'll develop a solution based on your specific needs and we'll work together to bring a cohesiveness to your business with your tech, offers, advertising, funnels, and onboarding.

Typically, clients work with me for 4, 8, or 12 weeks and prices start around $2k per month.

Pre-requisites: An existing business for at least six months and an ad budget available. It’s also important that the client be willing to meet regularly for ongoing assignments and goals.

This is for my creatives who don’t have a biz yet, but want to get started on the right foot! No wasting time and money on the long DIY road OR having to get solutions from 8 different consultants to cover all the elements you need. 

We'll work together to get your business started RIGHT, including business model, branding, web design, client acquisition strategy, social media, and advertising. 

Clients work with me for approximately 12 weeks, with a possibility of extending the contract if not all business systems are yet in place. Prices start around $8k.

Pre-requisites: The willingness to Do. The. WORK!

Creating a solid (and profitable) social foundation...
The social strategy services are for the creative who wants to get a return on investment for all that time spent posting online. Our work together will focus on laying down a strategy for setting (and consistently meeting) measurable performance benchmarks across social media platforms.

This includes objectives like: Audience identification, growth, and engagement across all platforms, social media automation, converting social audience to customers, social campaign strategy for consistent lead generation, social launch strategy, etc. 

I'll develop a solution specific to your goals and we'll work together to bring consistency, intentionality, and profitability to your social media outlets.

Typically, clients work with me for 4, 8, or 12 weeks and prices start around $2k per month, with the option of ongoing social media management after the conclusion of initial strategy contract.

Pre-requisites: Existing platforms are not necessary - we can build as we go. Depending on scope of work, copy and design fees are an additional service fee. Client should be willing to meet regularly for ongoing benchmark assessment and consulting.

The part where we get really real...
I DO NOT guarantee revenue goals. It wouldn't be very realistic of me to do that since I'm only a small part of your business equation. However, what I can guarantee is while we're working together I'll treat your business like it's my business. This means me giving you and your brand a million percent of my energy, time, and expertise. 

I'll help you sidestep the headache of information overload and lay down the exact path to follow (what to use, how to implement, and what to expect) for your intended biz destination - saving you a metric crap-ton of time and MONEY in the process. 

This isn't just high-fiving and hand holding. There's real work to be done and I'm here to make sure none of that effort is wasted so we nail your next project.

Which also means I don't work with just anyone.

I have a basic 'getting to know you' I require to help save us both time - and to see if we’re a creative match. Because when we are? Literal awesome happens!
I truly believe there's no other business like yours because there's no other you that's you! All the services I offer are holistic and dip into my extensive strategy, design, copy, marketing, sales, and business development skills to give your projects everything you need - and nothing you don't.

I'm like a one stop shop for taking that thing you love and making serious bank doing it. Fun, right?

Check out the more detailed service descriptions on this page.
It is ABSOLUTELY imperative you get the ball rolling TODAY, if you want to work with me in JULY. That's when the next few spots open up on my waiting list, so please don't wait until the last minute to get on my calendar. Plus, my clients who book out ahead are way more prepared than the ones who try to squeeze work in last minute.
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